Back to S60

Well it has certainly been an interesting experience switching back and forth between mobile devices especially when it’s a huge leap. I have to admit that selling the HTC Advantage and going back to my Nokia E61 was the right thing to do. I guess I am not ready yet for a Windows Mobile device, not until it gets a whole UI make over.

Anyway, for the meantime I will continue blogging and surfing the web on my E61 using Opera Mini which is to date the best internet browser for any mobile device.

Selling My HTC Advantage X7501

The ebay advertisement for my HTC will go online starting Sunday 27th 2008.

To be honest, I am greatly disappointed with the experience I had generally with the HTC Advantage. Previously, I thought highly of the Windows Mobile operating system and I was anxious to get my hands on any device that runs the OS. Now that I had hands on experience with the OS, I can honestly tell you that I am planning not to touch any other Windows Mobile device until Microsoft totally revamps it.

The OS is slow (despite the fact that my HTC has a 629 Mhz processor), choppy, not user friendly, dull, the menu options and locations is not consistent in all its modules, the built in on-screen keyboard is not finger friendly, and the list keeps going on and on. I mean the OS has been around for ages now yet no attention was given to the interface.

As I said before in a previous post, I have a feeling that Microsoft is working on the successor of Windows Mobile 6. But even if that was true the release date could be years from now. Not sooner than 2009.

As for the time being, I will stick to my beloved Nokia E61.

Still Not Feeling Well

I guess I will be spending Sunday in bed while stuffing my system with antibiotics and pain killers. Although I had a good fair amount of sleep last night, I still woke up not feeling well. My head feels like it’s going to explode any minute now, I have a painful stiff neck, and aching bones all over my body.

I just hope it doesn’t continue till tomorrow morning as well or I will be definitely calling in sick, which I really hate doing.

So basically all I have been doing today is lying in bed, trying to keep myself warm, and drinking gallons of fluid. Not to mention the amount of drugs I have been swallowing. Oh yeah, as well as trying to get time to flyby quicker by watching movies on my laptop and spending time online.

That’s all I have for tonight.

Not Feeling Well

After waking up early and helping in cleaning up the house, dropping off my brother at his friend’s house, volunteering to buy some groceries for my neighbour, and finally taking my brothers out bowling with my friends, I come home at after midnight with a huge headache and aching bones that makes me feel like a complete zombie while lying in bed restless and in pain. I wish if there was a magical medicine that puts me out of my misery as soon as I take it. I already took some Advil and Bennelyn for pain. But could you tell me when do they usually take effect for God’s sake? It’s been at least an hour since I took them and I still feel horrible! Anyway, I just felt like sharing my pain with you and I think I should really stop doing that. I am currently lying in bed with a big headache and I think blogging on my E61’s small screen isn’t making the situation any better. So, good night.

Windows Mobile 2008

The year 2008 is an important year for Windows Mobile. We will certainly see either an update or a dramatic upgrade to the mobile OS. The changes will be noticeable. It might even be a complete makeover.

How do I know this? Well, I don’t.

If Windows Mobile expects to last another year, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team have to be working on something spectacular behind the scenes, behind the news, behind the blogs, or even in complete secrecy, for god’s sake.

Or at least do it for my sake! I mean recently I bought a new Windows Mobile device and I was disapointed with the operating system’s interface. I expected a quick and snappy OS to go with my new device. But I was sadly and unfortunately disapointed. I even switched back to using my Nokia E61 for sometime to reduce the agony.

So one of my wishes and hopes for the year 2008 is a significant Windows Mobile update or upgrade.

There. I said it.

SharePoint Lists Not Showing

Recently I started to experience this problem a lot more often. I open up my SharePoint site using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and I try to browse to a certain list but every time I select the ‘Lists’ folder it shows up empty.

I try closing down the application and opening it up again but the problem still remains. I was even dumb enough to restart my PC to discover that it still didn’t solve the problem.

But I finally found a workaround. All I had to do is refresh the datasource.

So if you are facing a similar problem simply click on the ‘Datasource’ tab located in the right panel. At the bottom of the panel find and click the ‘Refresh Datasource’ link button, and bob’s your uncle.

Usually just clicking the tab will automatically refresh the datasource and therefore display all your lists.

High Transfer Speeds

Have you ever tried transfering over 30Gb of data from one computer to another over your home network?

Last night I tried transfering around 600 home videos and pictures, a total size of 30Gb, from my laptop to the home pc over my wireless network and it took the whole night to fail halfway through.

Since I am a genius, I did manage to solve the problem. I connected my laptop to my home pc through an ethernet cable and restarted the moving process. Guess how long it took? Around 40 minutes. Impressive isn’t it!

The transfer speed over the wireless network was around 400 Kb/s where as the speed over the ethernet cable went over 8 Mb/s.

So there you go. Always choose to transfer large files over either USB or ethernet cables. Sooner or later wireless speeds will dramatically increase. Keep an eye and ear out for Wi-MAX.

Movie Night

Since there was absolutely nothing good at the theaters this weekend, I had to pay BlockBuster a visit. I rented two movies: Rambo 1 and Mindhunters.

Both movies were great. I have no idea how I never heard of Mindhunters, but I definitely enjoyed it. And I had to go back in time and rent Rambo since there is a Rambo 4 in the works. And I don’t think I saw any of the Rambo movies.

My grandmother seems to be recovering very well. They took her out of intensive care today so she should be back home soon.

I read on several blogs that Microsoft’s Zune will come to Canada this spring. I don’t know if I should be glad to hear that or not. I mean the Zune might have had a chance against the iPod before the new iPods came out (especially the iPod Touch). It will be interesting to see what happens when it hits the stores. But I am not expecting it to be a big hit in Canada.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for tonight.

Blogging Without Opening Internet Explorer

As you may already know, there are other ways to blog or post, or whatever you want to call it, without opening up your default web browser. Previously, bloggers had to access their blog site and enter in their username and password in order to add a new entry to their blog site. Now, you have other 3rd party software that you can either download for free or buy over the net that enabled bloggers to create, post, and save their entries without the need to access their blog site.

The ones I constantly use and recommend come from Microsoft. For example, this post I wrote using Microsoft Word 2007. It turns out that Microsoft Office 2007 lets you post to your blog right from Microsoft Word! Just lick the Office button on the top left corner of Microsoft Word, click on "New", select "New blog post", and finally click on the create button. I am pretty sure you will know what to do after that.

The other option you have is downloading Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. It’s also a free application that is designed specifically for blogging. It has the same look and feel of all Microsoft Office product and it comes with numerous bells and whistles that lets you go crazy over customizing the look of your post.

So choose whatever you are most comfortable with. Personally, I choose blogging from Microsoft Word 2007. I mean, why would I install another application if I already have one that does exactly the same job!

That’s all for now.